Eye Candy

This little pile of yum arrived at my doorstep today. Fresh piles of fabric turn me giddy!  I have plans of turning these into camera straps for my shop - which have been selling like hotcakes lately. I can't wait to get started!

apologies for the crappy photo - I was using the camera on my phone. 

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A Tangled Celebration

Just popping in to share some pics of my daughter's fourth birthday party. I kept it a little more simple this year, with my focus being on the cake and her birthday shirt. Inspiration for the party came from here. Enjoy!

It wouldn't be a Rapunzel Party without a tower cake!

And 48 cupcakes...

Here you can see a small glimpse of her birthday shirt. I used freezer paper to stencil the sun logo used throughout the movie with the number four in the middle. You can also see how the tower started to sag from the weight of the muffins.  Oh well. It didn't seem to change the yum factor one bit!

On her actual birthday we took her to get her ears pierced. She'd been asking for earring for *months* She cried a bit, but really loved them in the end.

We also celebrated her birthday at school by bringing 25 candy covered marshmallows. If you're never tried these, you must! I never really liked un-roasted marshmallows until trying this. They really were yummy!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you're all having a great week!

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My Newest Endeavor

I'm starting to realize that the reason I've been feeling so overwhelmed is because I have a severe case of attention deficit crafting disorder. There are so many things I want to try, my head is often left spinning, not knowing which direction I'm headed.

It's exhausting. But, I think it's engraved in my DNA, so I think I'm just going to have to learn to live with it.

Anyway, my latest interest has been graphic design. You see, I have two little people to take care of at home. The hubs and I came to an understanding that once they're of school age I would have to go find a job. Well, being at home for 4+ years makes me really dread the idea of ever working for someone else again. While I do have my etsy shop, I'm not sure it will ever be successful enough to generate an income large enough to really contribute. I'd really like to be able to work from home, though, so I can go on school field trips with my kids and be there without question when they're sick and need to come home, etc.

Enter graphic design. I feel like this will be something I can do freelance from home and {hopefully} make a decent income at the same time. So, I downloaded a free trial version of Adobe Illustrator and completely fell in love. I mean, head-over-heels. In. Love.

So, I've been scouring the web, practicing, and playing {I've even looked into taking classes.} While I was at it, I figured I would create a fun little printable for St. Patrick's Day. I put together a sheet of twelve 2 inch round graphics perfect for cupcake toppers, stickers, hang tags or whatever your heart desires.

click image to download

I also created a new blog for the soul purpose of designing and tweaking the html. I don't know if I'll ever do anything with it, but it sure was fun designing. And of course, I couldn't stop there, so I gave my mom's blog a face lift too. It's addicting, really.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the printable. Oh, and if there are white lines on the sheet, please know that they won't show up on the printed copy. I just don't know how to get rid of them yet. :)

Have a great week!

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It's been fun...

But it's time for a breather. I'm probably going to be pretty scarce around here for a while. I've been feeling kind of burnt out lately and have been putting a lot of undue pressure on myself, so it's time to simplify things. I'm not calling it quits, just re-prioritizing.

I'll definitely pop in every now and then to say hello and post photos of whatever projects I've been working on. Until then...

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