I've always been a bit squeamish about eating meat, occasionally having to stop in the middle of a meal because I couldn't get the image of the live animal out of my head. I've tried a few times to cut meat out of my diet, but eventually fell of the wagon usually due to lack of support or knowledge. 

After reading a post over at the Nature Family Living Blog I'm trying my hand at cutting out meat once again. I'm doing this not only for the environment and treatment of the animals, but also for my health. Not that my health is bad, but there seem to be a lot of benefits to cutting meat out of your diet including, but not limited to lower instances of heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes and osteoporosis. Sounds like a win-win to me! 

I started this conversion about three or four days ago and haven't once had a craving for meat. I still have to build up my arsenal of vegetarian recipes of course, so I've been surviving on things like grilled cheese, PB&J and cereal for the past few days, but as time goes on I'm sure I will find some fantastic recipes out there - hopefully ones that require little cooking, since I seem to have missed out on the good cook gene! 

My husband is a little lost since I told him about my interest in becoming a vegetarian. He keeps asking me questions like, " who am I going to cook for now?" or "are you going to let Little Miss eat meat?" Of course, I have no intention of pushing this on anyone else in my family, but if they follow suit down the road, I think it would be cool.  

For now, I'm just keeping my eyes peeled for meal ideas and tips and tricks for cooking for everyone in my family without having to make three completely different meals! If you would like to share, please do so, as I will need as much help as possible! 

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Jen said...

Wow....good for you! Now, if you decide to go with organic cotton, too, come and see my shop! :0)
-10oneworld on etsy


Nice attempt to go green by fork.
Please make sure that it suits your blood type, so you can adjust your diet as needed. I have a few new recipes that are extremely easy. Come by and see for your self.

Be well. Do good. All ways.

Devin said...

That is wonderful,Good for you.Your bloga and etsy shop is darling.thanks for sharing your blog with me:0)

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