A Quick, Fun Tute!

I started saving wine corks way back when Hubby and I moved into our first house, almost 5 years ago (wow!) I knew way back then that I wanted to make a message board or a trivet with them, and I finally got around to it! It's super simple, so I thought I'd add a few photos of how I did it. 

Materials needed:
- Enough wine corks to make a message board or 
trivet in desired size (I used 18.) If you like wine, maybe you will acquire them faster than I did. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure you can get them at a craft store.
- Glue gun
- Glue

I recommend laying out your corks ahead of time to make sure they all lay nicely together. I chose a basket weave design, but by all means, get creative!

Glue them together in sets of two with a small bead of glue

Then, glue all of your sets together and your done! See, I told you it was quick and easy. Now go drink some wine and start your stash! 

P.S. If you like what you see here, I'd love it if you'd share!


Cori said...

What a neat little project! It turned out great.

antonella said...

I' ve just posted your project in my blog


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