Tackling TBT #1 - Weight Loss

First on foremost on the list of things I want to accomplish before I turn 30 is losing this dag gone baby weight. I've sat depressed and worn baggy clothes for far too long. This is something I want to do for myself so I can feel like me again. I'm just not comfortable at my current weight.

Before my daughter was born I weighed in at 135 and at my heaviest during my pregnancy with her I was 198. Wow. I lost most of the weight before getting pregnant with my son but ballooned back up to 189. Now I'm stuck at 153.

And just for visual effect, here is a photo of me and my Maid of Honor before I got pregnant with my daughter

And here I am a few weeks after my daughter was born

And here is the most recent photo I have of myself

Not flattering at all, but I don't allow many pictures these days. 

While I have lost a decent amount of weight, it's just not enough. I refuse to buy new clothes to fit my current weight, so aside from the few outfits I've bought for special occasions, I'm stuck wearing t-shirts and sweat pants. Boring!

Why am I doing it on a public forum you ask? Because I find myself more motivated when I have others holding me accountable. So, every Wednesday I'll be posting tips on weight loss, recipes and ideas along with my progress.

If you're like me and work better under pressure or in the public eye, feel free to tag along in the comments sections with recipes, ideas and progress. Let's do this together! Stay tuned for tomorrow's first Weight Loss Wednesday!

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Kristie said...

I have just discovered this amazing food plan and I'm telling everyone about it because it is working so well for my husband and I. It is called "The Belly Fat Cure" by Jorge Cruise. You should look at the book. I have turned many people in my life onto this book. I also was having a hard time loosing my baby weight, I turned 30 last year and my weight was 135 before kids, 149 when I started the plan at the end of January, and now I'm back down to 139. I don't exercise much, I just eat way less sugar and fewer, more wholesome carbs. My husband has lost 30 pounds in the same amount of time. Seriously, check it out. I have never done a "diet" or food plan before, but this is just what I needed to get my body jumpstarted down the weightloss path and we eat so much better, smaller portions too. I can't sing enough praises, check it out! Seriously! Good luck with your list of 30 before 30, you can do it!!!

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