The Flu Bug Bites Early

Earlier this week, much to my dismay, (and I'm sure hers too) my daughter's nose started running. I knew I was in trouble, because I get sick very easily, so I immediately started taking vitamins and drinking more tea. Unfortunately, my best attempts to ward off the evil flu bug that was coming out of my daughter's pores was unsuccessful.  I found myself sore and lethargic only one day after my daughter fell ill with this nasty bug. Another day later, Hubby followed suit. 

So what is a crafty mc-crafter to do? The thing she does best of course, sew something! To ease our aching bodies I whipped up a rice filled hot/cold pack. It took me all of 5 minutes to make and is definitely worth its weight in gold! Aside from lots of tylenol and sleep, this was a life saver when it came to soothing aching muscles. Here it is in all its glory, not perfect aesthetically, but it does the job and that's all that really matters when the flu bug bites.

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Cori said...

I'm sorry your baby girl is getting sick; I hope she's feeling better soon.

I LOVE your rice pack too.

To answer your question, I got the mermaid fabric from a lady off of eBay. It's Aqua Divas by Michael Miller.

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