Biting off more than I can chew?

Since finding out that we're expecting a boy, I have a laundry list of things to sew before he arrives. Some of the things on that list include cloth diapers, cloth wipes, moby wrap, nursing cover, crib bedding, blankets and who knows what else I've forgotten to mention. First on my list of priorities though are the diapers and wipes. Because I learned to sew *after* my daughter was born, we never got around to cloth diapering her. So, I'm starting early this time so I will be prepared when he arrives.

My first order of business was knocking out the wipes because I will need so many of them. I finally got around to buying thread for my new serger and got to work. I made them out of one layer of flannel measuring 7 x 12 inches, rounded the edges and serged them to make a quick, easy wipe that won't fray in the wash. I made sure to size them so they will fit in our huggies wipes tub and even figured out how to fold them so the next one pops up when I pull one out! It's a little scary how excited I am about the fact that they pop up, because I've spent quite a bit of time making sure that they are all folded just right. We'll see how long that lasts once he's born.

I've made 42 so far, which I've found to fit perfectly in our tub and plan to make about 20 to 30 more. Though, I might take a break for a bit and move on to something else since I know I will have enough to last a few days. As for solution to dump over them, I used this recipe from Recipe Zaar and absolutely love the way it smells and the fact that I know exactly what will be going on my little man's bottom.

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Cori said...

Those look great! I wanted to cloth diaper my girls but I was afraid of making my own. I can't wait to see yours.

David said...

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Trish said...

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway for the "kyuuto" amigurumi book! drop me an email at simpleup (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know where I can send your prize.

Storm Shelters said...

I like your blog, it's very entertaining and informative. You have such a beautiful baby. I'm sure the one coming will be the same. Congratulations:)

Darning Diva said...

David, thank you so much for your tips! I will have try to convince hubby to let me get one of those toilet attachments! :)

Darning Diva said...

Storm, Thank you so much! We're so excited to met our little man I can hardly even stand it! :

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