Last night I took some pictures of my impatiens seedlings that just sprouted this week so I could write a post in celebration of the arrival of Spring. I was planning on snapping some shots of some sprouting flowers outside this morning, but just as I thought I could put away the winter clothes and start planning for warmer weather, I woke up to this:

Here are the tiny little seedlings that I started indoor a few weeks ago, nice and warm in the comfort of my basement - a stark contrast from the conditions outside!

I decided to plant my flowers from seeds in recycled egg cartons this year to save money. Rather than paying upwards of $2 each for impatiens, I spent a mere $20 to plant 48 plants, including 6 tomato plants. I also saved money by using egg cartons and seed starting soil rather than purchasing an expensive seed starting kit. There's no reason we can't surround ourselves with beauty this summer while working with a tight budget! In total I spent approximately $20, (seeds- $5, soil - $5, plant bulb for shop light - $10, egg cartons - free!) while if I had purchased my plants from the store I would had spent upwards of $100! I'd say the $20 was money well spent, wouldn't you?

I would love to hear the creative ways that you are finding to save money without sacrificing the things you love this spring!

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