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I always love seeing other people's craft spaces, mainly because I'm always looking for ways to improve mine! Hubby and I just remodeled my space due to a certain expectant baby taking over my previous space so, I thought I would join in the fun and share my space with you!

As you can see, it's rather small and fairly simple, but it serves its purpose well and I absolutely love having all of my supplies in one place now. Prior to the remodel, all of my office related things were in a separate room, so when it came to shipping an item I would have to run all over the house to get everything together.

With my new shelves I was able to fold and display my fabrics to make them easily accessible as well as organize all of my tools and some of my inventory. I have lots more fabric to fold and display, but first I'll need to reorganize a bit, as I recently purchased 35+ yards of new fabric and won't have space to put it all on the same shelf with the current layout.

A closer look shows where I hang some of my thread, tools and templates along with the super cute, crafty wall clock that I just made.

I fashioned this cutey out of an embroidery hoop, fabric, heavy interfacing and a clock motion found at Hobby Lobby. I just love the way it turned out and how it brightens up my space!

I would love to see your space or a link to one that inspires you. Simple include the link with your comment so I can check it out!

P.S. If you like what you see here, I'd love it if you'd share!


Back Porch Blessings said...

wow you did a very nice job organizing with such a small place to do it in, you go girl. I will post pics of mine as soon as I get it organized and set up the way I want it, I also recently moved to another space which is actually bigger. Keep a looky for mine.

Hello! said...

Oh, I can't wait to see your new space! Thanks for the comment!

Trish said...

great job! I love how you can see everything and can find what you're looking for straight away! I am still working on reorganizing my craft space (I think I need more room!)

Hello! said...

Thanks, Trish! :)

n*stitches said...

Wow - looks very cute and organized! My space is in the toy room and is always a mess as i am usually interrupted abruptly to solve some argument.

Darning Diva said...

oh, trust me, it's not always this organized! The space is in our tv/playroom, so I'm often interrupted too! :)

3 o'clock walk said...

such a good idea!

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