Toddler Pranks

Yesterday while driving around running errands, my daughter was playing quietly in her car seat with her Lightning McQueen car. All of a sudden I heard her say, "here, here, here" which usually means she wants to hand me something.

We were almost at our destination so I asked her to wait until we came to a stop. Well, that was just not an acceptable answer and she yelled louder, "here mama, here!" Rather than argue with her, I reached to the back seat and she placed a very tiny piece of something in my hand.

Figuring it was just a crumb or something that she found on her car seat, I opened my hand to find a sticky little, off white colored ball about half the size of a pea. Confused, I asked her what it was. She responded with a giggle in her cute little toddler voice, "BOOGER!"

I'm just grateful that it ended up in my hand and not smeared somewhere or even worse, in her mouth. Bleugh! I'd love to hear some of the little "pranks" your children have played on you - kids do the darnedest things!

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Faith said...

I don't have kids but I have a story I remember from my sisters toddler age. My dad always wore his keys on his belt hoop so when he'd get home you could hear his keys jangling. Well my sis would take this extra set of keys and jangle them and mom would look around for dad or call for him, lol.

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