Finished Toy Hammock

You may remember me posting a tutorial for a crocheted toy hammock here a while back. After procrastinating working diligently for weeks, I finally have it finished, hung and filled in my daughter's room.

It took much longer than I had imagined and is much stretchier than I thought, thus hanging lower than planned, but a few minor tweeks took care of that. I simply used some of the double crochet holes to hang it instead of the loops at the corners to tighten it up a bit and voila! It works perfectly and looks awfully cute in my humble opinion.

Now that her plushies have a new home, I can clear off the rest of the changing table and move it into the new baby's room! Finally some progress! Now we just need to settle on a name for the little guy (I think hubby may be getting close to letting us name him Nevin,) make crib bedding, a new boppy cover, nursing cover, diapers, etc. and we'll be ready for him to make his arrival!

P.S. If you like what you see here, I'd love it if you'd share!


Cori said...

That turned out really cute.

e.c said...

Heehee. Your little small print about naming your boy made me smile. :)
good luck with that!! (it's a good boy name!)

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