Handmade Christmas

Can you believe Christmas is only 4 months away? I've already started to think about the gifts that I'd like to give because I'd really like to have a 100% handmade Christmas this year. With a two year old and a new born, crafting has been slow going around here lately, so I need to get to work soon! Here are a few pics of things that I'm planning on making:

I recently purchased a pattern on etsy to make these felted wool baby links for the little guy.

I'm also planning on making the taggie football from Grace Violet that I posted about here.

A portable doll house with peg dolls for my daughter also form Grace Violet

Those are the three ideas I have so far aside from a little purse for my daughter and probably some embellished barrettes. I would love to hear the ideas you're thinking about for your handmade Christmas!

**Edit: Oh yes, and I forgot to mention sock monkeys! One for each of my babies, and who knows who else may get one - I've heard they're super fun and easy to make!

P.S. If you like what you see here, I'd love it if you'd share!


Karen said...

Christmas?!?egads...it comes up so fast every year.

Nope....din't lose any sunglasses...maybe Debbie.

Katie said...

Great ideas! I started my Christmas making and shopping too :)

Mia said...

Great ideas! Love the peg dolls and the football is WAY Cool! My little girl would be all over that!
Thinking about blankets and tutu's for my girls and a recipe book for my Mom. Still looking for ideas for the men in my life...

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