Pouch Sling for a Doll

If you have a little girl, you probably know how much they adore playing with dolls. My daughter takes hers everywhere. I mean everywhere. The world stops if she leaves her behind. Anyway, like any other little girl, she loves to imitate me taking care of her little brother. This means breast feeding, rocking, and occasionally reminding her not to bite! Seriously, if there's ever a time that I need to watch my actions, it's now. That girl does everything I do!

Seeing how much she loves to care for her baby, I thought I'd complete the package and make her a sling of her very own to carry her baby in. I found this tutorial over at Chasing Cheerios. The only thing that I changed was that I used a french seam instead of the method that she used to sew the ends together.

My daughter is an average sized three year old and this sling fits her perfectly, so you may have to add and inch or so for older children. I just love the way this turned out, and I'm pretty sure my daughter does too!

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Our Treasured Home said...

Very cute idea! I can remember the days my daughters felt the same way about their dolls. Cherish these moments.

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