Playing with Photoshop

I recently learned how to use actions in Photoshop Elements and I have to say, I'm addicted. I spent countless hours ignoring my kids enhancing photos yesterday. Rita over at Coffeeshop Photography couldn't make it easier! She creates the actions and includes the directions for how to implement them and she even has instructions for how to install them! Did I mention that she does all of this for free?! What a gem! Here are a few of the photos that I enhanced using her Baby Powder Room and Powder Room 2 actions:

Before: Dark and off centered
After: Brighter, centered, skin smoothed and added vignette

Before: dark, uneven skin  
After: bright, defined eyes, powdery smooth skin and added vignette

Before: too far away, dark
After: cropped closer, brightened, smoothed skin and added vignette.

If you love photography and love enhancing your photos in photoshop, head on over to Coffeeshop Photography. You won't regret it! 

P.S. I'm not receiving any endorsements for this post. I just love her blog that much!

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