New Skirt or Your Selvage is Showing

Well, it's official. I'm 30. And oddly enough, I don't feel a tad bit older.

For my birthday I decided I would knock out some of the things on my thirty before thirty list, which has now become my thirty while thirty list. Ha. Maybe I should make it thirty one and add "learn to stop procrastinating."

Aaanyway, I wanted to dress up a bit so I decided it was high time to make a skirt (and wear it.) I decided on a wrap skirt and used this really simple tutorial posted on craftster. I used a lovely pale aqua print that I found at Joanns and lined it with a solid black broadcloth. I also used the solid black for the ties, which I think adds a nice touch of contrast.

 I just adore the way this skirt came out, and love that it's actually two skirts in one since it's reversible. I did make one tiny mistake though. If you look really close at the bottom of the skirt, you'll notice that the selvage is showing. Oops! This print had a particularly wide selvage and I completely overlooked it before cutting and sewing. I haven't decided how I want to fix it yet, so for now I'll just act as a walking billboard for Joanns. :)

Just one note about the tutorial if you're math challenged like me - the formula needs to be broken down to r = l/pi where l is your waist measurement plus 1/3. It took me a while to wrap my brain around it, so I figured I would spell it out for anyone else who may have trouble with that kind of stuff. Once you have your value for the radius, it's pretty straightforward from there.

Happy Sewing and Happy Friday! Hope you all have a good weekend!

P.S. If you like what you see here, I'd love it if you'd share!


Karen said...


Our Treasured Home said...

Lovely photo and adorable skirt! Happy 30th Birthday!

Rhyah said...

Thanks, girls! :) It's super comfy too!

Monica Gee said...

What a great skirt! I love the fabric too. I saw you are doing a show later this year. Where is it at? It would be fun to stop by and say hi!

Rhyah said...

Thanks, Monica! Yes, I'll be doing a craft show on Dec 11th from 9-4 at Fremd Highschool in Palatine. I would *love* to see you there and meet Mr. PT!!! :)

dana said...

Very cute Rhyah. Thanks for sharing with me!

Stephanie said...

I found you from your comment on made.

I am so confused with the math! So just saying my waist is 20 inches (which it totally isn't). You add 1/3 of an inch? So 20.3 divided by pi?

Side note: I went to Conant and find it completely random that you'll be at Fremd.

Rhyah said...

Hi Stephanie! Sorry for the confusion on the math.

You'll want to add 1/3 of your waste measurement to your waste measurement. This allows for a generous overlap for the wrap.

So if your waste is 30, you'll add 1/3 of 30 (10) to that. So your total arc measurement will be 40. Then divide that by pi and you'll end up with your radius. I hope this helps. Let me know if that makes sense.

Please visit the link the I provided for a visual on how the whole thing will go together.

What a coincidence that you went to high school so close. Are you still in the area? Would love to meet you at the show if you're able! :)

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