All in a Weeks Work

It was my mom's birthday this last Saturday {Happy Birthday, Mom!} On Monday I decided that I wanted to make a warm cozy lap blanket for her {eek!} I fell in love with this pattern so, I bought 12 balls of Homespun yarn {in Tudor} and a size K crochet hook and got to work.

It took about 24 hours of crochet, but I got it done by the time she came to visit on  Monday.  Yep, 7 short days to make an approximately 50 inch square blanket. I think I saw smoke coming from my fingers a few times. It was worth it though.

It's such a warm, snuggley blanket. I actually miss sitting under it while I worked. Looks like I have more yarn to buy...

P.S. If you like what you see here, I'd love it if you'd share!


Karen said...

wow! Nice work!

Our Treasured Home said...

Wonderful job! I bet your Mom was delighted! I also love to crochet!

Rhyah said...

Thanks, girls! :) This was my first time making something this big. It was definitely taxing, but I really enjoyed working on it. Not sure the hubs will allow me to make another one in such a short time span though. A lot of things were neglected. hehe! :)

Katie @ Chirp in the Forest said...

That is some serious talent to be able to move that fast (well, or crochet at all, actually!)

Thanks for your sweet comment on my bathroom! I worry whether my cheapiness comes across as looking cheap, so it's nice to hear that the bathroom looks good despite it. Have a great day - Katie

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