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So. I just realized that I completely forgot to share the details of my craft show with you guys. Oops! Better late then never? I guess that's what having two little ones tugging on your shirt tails does to a girl.

The show was a huge success in my opinion, an opinion that's based on three previous craft shows where I managed to just  barely break even. But, I was selling different wares and the economy was in a very different place when I did those shows. Of course, I gained a lot of experience with those shows and gave myself ample time to prepare this time around.

Anyway, on to the details.

As mentioned in previous posts, I spent hours upon hours preparing for the show. I searched the web endlessly for inspiration for displays, shopped till I could shop no more {who am I kidding, I thoroughly enjoyed that part} and of course sewed and sewed and sewed {yeah, I enjoyed that part too.}

And the result of all of those Months of hard work and preparation? I booth that I was extremely proud of.

Here is a photo showing the entire booth. The bare spot on the right is where I processed purchases and wrapped and bagged product.

Here's a closer shot showing my sanitizer keychain display, coffee cozies, zippered pouches, camera straps and some card wallets off in the left corner

Here's the other side of my booth showing some purses, wristlets, key fobs and bookmarks. 

Here, you can see the purses a little better as well as some of the zippered pouches and wristlets. You can also see how I modeled a camera strap on the dress form. Cool vintage camera huh? 

And, just because I think this was a pretty clever display, here are the bookmarks that sold like hotcakes. I filled a dollar store bowl with polly pellets  to help the book marks stand up on their own and allow people to be able to handle them without having to constantly adjust the display. Clever, huh?  

I found these cool ornament holders at Hobby Lobby to display my sanitizer keychains. They couldn't have been more perfect!

I really, really enjoyed this show, and am actually thinking about doing another one in March. We'll see though. I'm still a little burnt out from all of that sewing and have tons to list in my shop. Also, I've been working on another craft lately, but I'll have to save that for another post, since I need to keep it a secret for now. :) 

Hope you have a great week!

P.S. If you like what you see here, I'd love it if you'd share!

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Aminat said...

Wow great job, you've been so busy. Glad the show went fine....

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